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Alloy Steel Plates,  Flats, Blocks, Rings, and Forging Cut To Your Size Requirements
Alloy Steel Plate
Size (Dia )  (Thickness) (Bar width)
4130 Steel Plate
4130 Normalized Plate
4130 Quenched & Tempered Plate
4130 Rectangular Plate Bar
4130 Forged Block
4130 Annealed Plate
MIL-S-6758, AMS-S-6758
AMS 2301, AMS 2304
AMS 6346, AMS 6348
AMS 6370, ASTM A331
ASTM A322, MIL-S-18729
4130 Plate Thickness .1/4””~14”
Normalized  Quenched & Tempered
Heat Treated
4330 Mod, Norm & Temp
4330M Square Bar
4330 VAR Plate
4330 Steel Plate
4330 Vac Melt Plate  Bar
4330 Rectangular Bar
4330 Forged Block
4330 Annealed Plate
MIL-S-8699, AMS 6427
AMS 6411,GM 1010
AMS 2301, BMS7-27,
AMS 2300, BMS7-122
AMS 6411, EMS 96242
CE 0906, FMS 1012
MIL-F-7190, CPS 4911
ASTM A322, BAC 5617
4330 Plate Thickness .1/4””~14”
Quenched &
RC 33-38
Ultrasonic Tested, Norm & Subcritical Anneal Rc 23 Max
4340 Mod, Norm & Temp
4340 VAR Plate
4340 CEV Plate
4340 Steel Plate
4340 Vac Melt Plate Bar
4340 Rectangular Bar
4340 Forged Block
AMS 6414, AMS 6415
AMS 6359, AMS 2300,
AMS 2304, AMS 2310
AMS 6409, AMS 6484
BMS7-28,BAC 5617
DMS 1555, MIL-S-5000,
MIL-S-8844,  AMS-S-5000, ASTM A322,  ASTM A331
GAMPS 5101,AMS 6454
AMS 2759 /5D,
GAMPS 5101

4340 Plate Thickness:.1/4” ~ 14”
Normalized/ Annealed
Quenched &
235 HBW Max
Magnetic Particle
Ultrasonic Tested
300M/4340M Alloy Steel Plate
300M Rectangular Bar
AMS 6417, AMS 6419
AMS 6257, DMS 1935
MIL-S-8844, AMS 2300
ASTM A579, BMS7-26
MIL-S-8844 Class 3
BE1036, C-05-1190
GM1012, MIL-S-83135
ASTM  E399 (Fracture Toughness)
MTL 1201, GAMPS 5101
Quenched &
Magnetic Particle
Ultrasonic Tested.
Fracture Toughness
HY-Tuf Alloy Steel Plate
HY-Tuf Forged Block
AMS 6418, AMS-S-7108
MIL-S-7108, AMS-6418, AMS-2301,
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High Temperature, Aerospace , Aircraft,  and Industrial  Metals

Processing Services:
Non Destructive Testing
Ultrasonic Testing
Chemical & Mechanical Testing
Magnetic Particle Testing
Rockwell and Charpie V Notch Testing
Surface Grinding
Blanchard Grinding
Heat Treating
Quench and Temper/ Stress Relieve
Water-Jet Cutting
Cut to size
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Alloy Steel Plate